10 Expert Tips On Creating An Information Product

1. In order to create an information product that sells you need to identify a niche market to focus on.

Using Google, Amazon and eBay, look for products linked to your niche market and ensure there are plenty of books, information products, items and affiliates which demonstrates a market for the niche.

2. Register with forums and visit other blogs to see what people are talking about. Most people want information products for certain reasons. To relieve pain, to solve a problem and provide a solution.

3. Answer questions – by providing the answers and ensuring easy to follow instructions, your product will sell. Make sure you explain the benefits the reader cannot live without and offer a full, money-back guarantee and the option to keep the product even after refund. This way, the reader has nothing to lose.

4. Ensure you are knowledgeable about the niche and answer every question you can think of. Offer after-sales service and remain contactable, responding to buyers questions or concerns as soon as possible. Stay human even if your system is automated.

5. List the order and sections your information product will take such as: contents; history; information and solution solving; review and recap; referral to other products or your website. Continue to add further bullet points within each section to help pad out the information and again, repeat this process within each further created bullet point. This will continue to add content to your document.

6. Insert page breaks between each section and make sure spacing is at least one and a half or double to create plenty of white space and allow for clearer reading. Always use Arial as your font as this is more easily recognisable for document format converters when you convert from a word processed document to a PDF document. PDF documents are easier to upload and download as well as ensuring your information cannot be altered and amended when providing it in a common word processed format.

7. Provide your product in various formats including PDF, doc and if you can, audio and visual formats (YouTube). This ensures you reach a larger audience opening up your market potential and therefore increasing sales.

8. Create a landing page for your product and make sure this is clear, easy to follow and provides all details of the benefits of the product several times to further drum home to the reader the reason they cannot pass up such a good opportunity.

9. Include further information products as bonuses to add to the value for money from buying your product.

10. Offer different formats of payment including PayPal, credit card, instalments to suit all pockets and customer budgets.

By following these ten steps you will create a high quality, easily accessed information product and by ensuring you promote and quote you website and other products as part of the document, you remain a known constant presence throughout the ownership of the document.

Selling Information Products – Why You Could Profit Big

The information marketing business is an excellent business to be in. Your costs are low, you don’t have to house any inventory, and you can “print on demand”. This is especially true on the internet – where people sell things called “ebooks” and have them immediately delivered and download after someone purchases.

What is an “ebook”? An ebook stands for “electronic book”, and it’s a book that can be downloaded and read on your computer. Many people are having tremendous success with their ebooks online, and some are even making 6-figures a year selling them… all on complete autopilot. All they really have to do is check their email, see sales, process any refunds, run more ads, then relax for the rest of the day. All of this takes no more than 20 minutes to do.

Now if you’re wondering what an “information product” is, well let me explain it to you. An information product is a product that is full of instructional information. Common forms of these kinds of products are: books, articles, ebooks, CD’s, DVD’s, offline newsletters, magazines, and even membership sites.

As you can see from the examples above, the cost to produce and manufacture these kinds of products are very low. If you sell ebooks, there is no cost to produce and manufacture. You have unlimited inventory with ebooks, and the “product” is always left intact each and every time someone buys them.

These are some great examples when compared to other forms of businesses out there. Let’s take offline brick and mortar businesses for example. If you want to open your own restaurant, you’re going to have to take out a huge loan from the bank, hire and pay employees, hire a chef and sous chefs, take care of customers, interact and get to know customers, and much more. When selling information products, virtually all of these activities are diminished.

Now some people like to say that offline businesses make more money than online businesses. This isn’t true whatsoever. There are people online who are making millions of dollars online, while some brick and mortar businesses are LOSING $7,000+ a month, and haven’t paid themselves in 6 months. A lot of them are on the brink of closing down their business – and they have nothing to fall back on. It’s a sad reality, but true.

With an internet business, perhaps your most expensive cost will come from advertising. Product creation and fulfillment are small costs. If you sell a $300 information product, and it costs you $30 to create and fulfill it… you’ve just banked a nice $270. This is more than what some people make while working part time at the local pizza restaurant.

Information products are phenomenal, and it’s something that you will want to consider if you’re looking to start a business on the internet. Obviously learn more about it so that you can understand the ins and outs of it, but you should know that the marketing strategies are 1 of the only things that’s important. So keep this mind.

Good luck with selling information products online today.

3 Ways To Market Your Information Products On Your Own Website

If you are an online marketer, then one of the things that you have are your own information products. Having your own products gives you some sense of credibility. Starting out, you probably won’t have many affiliates promoting your products so you have to do a lot of the marketing yourself. Now, there are paid and free ways to market your product. If you have a website, then you want to take advantage of marketing your products there. This article will teach you 3 ways you can market your information products on your own website: blog posts, product page and the sidebar.

Using Blog Posts

Your website should definitely include a blog and you can create blog posts that market your information products. Your blog post should provide relevant information pertaining to your topic. You can offer your information product as a solution to the problem. You need to ensure that your blog post is not just a pitch fest but that it actually includes useful information.

Using a Product Page

Sometimes people are aware of your website or blog and visit often to get useful information. However, you may not include information about your information products on your website. I have a blog but I don’t include information about my products on my site. It was suggested by my mentor that I include a product page on my website. This is very easy to do. You create a new page that you include in your menu. I suggest that you display a picture and a short description about the product. Include a more information link that takes them to the sales page for the product. You may also want to link the picture of the product to the sales page.

Using Your Sidebar

The last way you can advertise your information products is to create a sidebar widget that links to the sales page. If you promote affiliate products, then you may have been given pre-made widgets that you can use to advertise the product. You can create these same type of widgets for your own products. Instead of advertising other people’s products, you advertise your own. You can even learn how to do this yourself so you don’t have to wait for a Graphics Artist.

So as you can see, there are many free ways that you can advertise your own information products right on your own website.

Selling Information Products on eBay

eBay is the best place to sell or buy almost everything from cosmetics to even cars. It has become a great venue of sales for people who are starting a new business or want to market their creations to a huge number of customers.

eBay has emerged as one of the best ways to sell information products on the internet. Information products are the eBooks which educate readers on various topics. Even though, traditionally, the purpose of obtaining information was served through books and informative manuals, but these days, eBooks are serving this purpose efficiently. People get attracted towards information products because they are highly convenient.

We can simply purchase them online and download them on any device of our choice. There is no need to go to a book shop or store the bulky books in the home. These digital files can sit in our computer for as long as we like.

This is the main reason behind information products’ popularity. If you have any information products that you need to sell, then eBay can be a great place to do that. This easy to use and cheap website can give a lot of exposure to your products and ensure that they reach the people who are in search of that type of information. You don’t need a publisher or printer to sell your information products. You can simply email the eBook to your customers.

But just like any other market, there is a lot of competition at eBay too. Hundreds of sellers pitch in their products at the same time and try to grab customers’ attention. Therefore, just putting up the information product on sale won’t get you enough customers. You will have to make sure that your products and marketing strategy is of the highest quality. Your first step should be to ensure quality of your information products.

How to create an information product that sells?

The golden rule of selling an information product is to choose a topic of great human importance. Choose a topic to provide information which is related to everybody’s daily life. You can also choose industry specific niche subjects, but in those also, choose a subject of general importance. For example, you can choose to provide information on a particular computer software, but talk about software that is used by a large number of people in the world. This will ensure that a large number of people will purchase your product.

But just a good topic is not enough. The information provided in the information products is of greater importance. It should not only be accurate, but should also have an USP. It should tell something to readers that no other venue or book does.

Also, try not to preach, but talk. Nobody likes to read something that looks like a class lesson. Write the information in an interesting manner and try not to explain each and everything in your information product. Ensure that you don’t go off track while trying to explain trivial things which are of no significance to the readers.

Provide information, not puzzles. The information in your eBook or manual should be straightforward and easy to understand. People will buy it to make their life easier and should not have to spend hours in deciphering what you are trying to tell them. And please, spare the industry jargon and avoid technical terms as much as you can.

Once you think that your product is ready, give it a final touch (you can consider hiring a professional to edit and proofread it). Your information product is now ready to go to the shop.
Start selling on eBay!

I am not going to bore you by telling you how to put up the products on sale on eBay. I am sure you already know this and even if you don’t, you are smart enough to figure it out. What we are going to tell you is how to ensure that more and more people see your information products and how to convince them to buy them.

i. Create an interesting product description – People give a lot of attention on product descriptions while buying a product on eBay. Especially, when it comes to information products, they want to know what it is about before buying it. So, write an interesting product description in which gives all the details of the product.

ii. Provide Answers – eBay allows the customers to ask sellers (you) questions about the products before they are buying. Make sure that you answer these questions as soon as possible. In order to close a deal, you will have to assure the customer that you are an involved and interested seller. Otherwise, they will go on and buy some other product.

iii. Ensure Positive Feedback – Most buyers put a lot of emphasis on the feedback score of the sellers while buying the products. Therefore, try to get as many positive feedbacks as you can. Deliver the product on time, be in touch with the buyers and be fair and honest in product description. These steps will ensure good feedback from your customers.

iv. Reasonable Pricing – You may have to compromise on the pricing of your information products at earlier stages of selling. Once you create a reputation for yourself and have gathered enough positive feedback from the customers, you can increase the price. But even then, be reasonable at pricing your products as you don’t want to lose customers because they can’t afford you.

v. Provide Easy Payment Method – eBay allows its customers to pay through pay pal, credit or debit card, bank transfer, checks, demand drafts etc. Provide all these choices to your customers, so that they can purchase your products immediately.

If you will take care of all these things, then there is nothing that can stop your information products from being a super hit. Just keep faith in yourself and don’t get disheartened if you get slow response at first. If you have a good product, then it will defin